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Gregory Nava


Family Drama, Melodrama, Drama


R (Adult Situations, Not For Children, Violence, Explicit Language)


Jennifer Lopez
Edward James Olmos
Jacob Vargas
Susana Campos
Maria Canals
Willie C. Carpenter


This exquisitely-wrought chronicle of two generations of a Los Angeles Mexican family will have audiences smiling through their tears. The tale is told by the family writer, Paco Sanchez and begins in revolution-torn Mexico. Young Jose Sanchez tires of the turmoil and lack of work and decides to head north to a "little village called Los Angeles." Having no sense of geography, he figures he can walk there in about a week. One year and many adventures later, he finally makes it to the East side of the idyllic young city. He goes to the home of his distant uncle, "El Californio," a man who came to LA when it was still Mexican territory and who refuses to acknowledge it as part of the U.S. It is a humble house located near the bridge that links the Latino community to the city and in the back is a good-sized, never-green cornfield. Like many others of his barrio, Jose must cross the bridge each day to work in the gardens and homes of wealthy Anglo patrons, something Jose does with pride. He eventually marries the beautiful Maria (Jennifer Lopez) and they start a family. They lead a simple but happy life until the Depression hits and the Anglos begin pushing to have all the job-stealing immigrants sent back south. Though the again-pregnant Maria was born and raised in LA, she is captured during an immigration raid one day, trundled onto a freight train and sent into deepest Mexico. Poor Jose, his son Paco and children have no idea why Maria has vanished. Eventually, she bears her second son, Chucho, and though he is still tiny, decides that she will walk home. Nothing detains the determined woman, not even the raging spring-time freshet of the Rio Grande, and though she and Chucho nearly lose their lives, somehow she makes it home. Years pass and the children grow up amidst many joys and travails (as Paco says "the difference between a family emergency and a party wasn't that big"), each totally different from the other, but all united by the unspoken strength of their family ties


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